Do Women Like Tall Men?

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Have a mooch around a dating site and you’ll find that women overwhelmingly prefer tall men to short men. At least, that’s what they say they are looking for. But how tall is tall?

And how do men feel about short women?

Recent research tells an interesting story. 700 men and women were asked for their view on the ideal height for a partner.

The results were:

  • Women like men who are 8 inches taller.
  • Men prefer to be just 3 inches taller than their women.

There’s an interesting theory that the reason behind the 5 inch deficit is so that women feel they can strap in to some colossal heels and still be slightly shorter than their partners. Perhaps the men answering this survey would change their opinions if the women they were used to meeting were found outside of bars and clubs!

Dutch evolutionary psychologist Gert Stulp, said of the results, “Both men and women prefer to be in a couple where the man was taller than the woman, but not too tall. The preference was most pronounced in women who, unlike men, considered partner heights unacceptable if they resulted in her being taller.

An additional study of 50,000 men and women searched for the answer to ‘How Tall Do You Want to Be?’. The ideal statures were some distance off the real national averages.

  • Women wanted to be 5’9. (National average is 5’3)
  • Men wanted to be 6’3. (National average is 5’9)

A further study of British couples revealed that in 92.5% of relationships, the man was taller. If this is the social norm, nobody told Bernie Ecclestone!

Do Women Like Tall Men?

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First Time Dating on Match?

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There are some tips to keep in mind when dating on Match, or any dating website for that matter. It is your job to learn to promote yourself in a way which seems natural for your profile. We say ‘job’ not because it’s a responsibility, but because you’re wasting your time if you promote a character that isn’t you.

Common sense says you must come across as confident when you’re putting your profile together. Confidence means that you can speak positively about yourself without sounding like you’re trying to sell a timeshare in Florida. It also means that you must be able to admit that you have weak points without sounding like you were going to cry if someone brings up your third grade art art class.

Even if you feel you have written a compelling profile, it is a good idea to have somebody jury that profile before you post it online.

It is very likely that you’ll be guilty of at least making a few mistakes in spelling and grammar which may chase away women who are interested in dating the writer of the next great American novel – or those who like guys that know their yours from their you’res and urs. Many people make the mistake of showing interest in things that they are not truly passionate about in their profile. If you do not like to go to poetry readings, it is a good idea to avoid quoting Robert Frost to in the opening line of your profile. Who are you trying to attract exactly?!

It is also a challenge to look for people to date with whom you will have things in common. This means when you’re reading a profile, you should think about whether you are willing to do things that your potential date is interested in even if there is no guarantee you will see her naked at the end of the night. If you would not engage in activity with a female coworker with whom you get along well, chances are you should not try to get involved in a relationship with a woman from Match was interested in activities you are not.

If you love the look of a profile but she refuses to go on a first date that doesn’t involve skydiving (an act that sends shivers down your spine), you should probably jog on. At the very least, don’t message her with stories of your seven fictional skydives in 1996.

You are also responsible for looking for things to avoid talking about on the date. If for example your perspective date is interested in high class literature, it is probably best for you to avoid talking to her about your favorite year of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. If you find a girl that does want to talk about this, we salute you.

If you know you’re going to be nervous, admitting that you are nervous on the date is far better than trying to cover by using every visualization techniques under the sun to make it seem like you’re comfortable in the environment. Be upfront about the fact that you are not Mr. Extrovert.

It’s also important to remember that women cannot be bought. Well, not romantically. This should go without saying that it is not going to matter how much money you spend on the date if the conversation is not up to scratch. You should focus on trying to find a location for the date that will allow the two of you to be focused on communicating with each other. If you’re not interested in what is being said during a conversation have prepared topics that you can actually switch to talking about is there are problems during the conversation. If things get this bad, consider choosing the table by the door!

Communication is the way into a woman’s heart. This means if you’re going to be late for the date, you should show your intelligence by picking up the phone to alert her that you are running behind. Sounds simple, right? Trust us, you don’t want to leave a woman standing on the first date and it happens surprisingly often via Match. Showing concern for her feelings will go a lot further than buying her flowers that will probably be dead by the time she gets back from the date.

Dating on Match can be intimidating at first. The best policy is the easy-going policy. Don’t expect every date to manifest in to life-long romance. Or worse, a quick shag. Be willing to meet in the name of building friendship. This can offset the awkwardness of ‘dating’ by knowing that you have a fallback. It’s no longer all or nothing.

Good luck!

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OKCupid Tips

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OKCupid is the second largest free dating site in the world, behind only Plentyoffish. Just like POF, it can be fiendishly difficult to get noticed… if you are a man.

Here are some OkCupid tips that can help you land the dream date…

  • Two choices for your picture: Smile, or be doing something interesting. Never use a mirror self-snap as your default photo. It suggests the pinnacle of your personality is what you get up to in the bathroom.

  • Using OKCupid’s questions feature is a good idea. But they must be used properly. Finding the right amount of questions to answer can be challenging. If you answered too few, you will look disinterested and won’t get responses. If you answer too many, you will narrow down your potential matches, while risking the reputation of ‘picky bastard with nothing better to do with his time’.

  • Answering every question publicly is not necessary. If you do so, you could be limiting the amount of things that a potential date will have to talk to you about when you meet in person. This is debatable, admittedly, as good chemistry is unlikely to be hindered by knowing a few answers to OKCupid questions.

  • It’s important to wait at least 15 minutes between responses so you don’t look like a neurotic stalker who’s only interested in human contact, because you haven’t seen a woman in the last seven years.

  • It is also important that you show you have the ability to communicate while leaving some mystery for the actual date. Complementing a woman looks is a good idea, but telling her she is beautiful in the first conversation, probably will make you look desperate. Only give compliments that you are serious about. If you are not serious about a compliment, save it for a woman that you are truly interested in getting to know. A good idea is to play it neutral. Comment on the woman’s profile without sucking up to it.

  • Make sure that the photographs you are using in your profile actually depict when you look like currently. You will not be impressing a woman if she turns up expecting High School Joe and gets 40 Years on the Clock Joe.

  • Even if you think you look great with your shirt off, keep your clothing on. It looks tacky to be flaunting.

  • Make changes to your profile on a regular basis and judge the change in response. If it looks like you are not active on the site you will have difficulty getting women to message you. On the other hand, don’t update your profile picture every 7 hours, OKCupid Tip: Don’t treat it like MySpace.

  • The majority of females are looking for something that is going to develop at a nice pace. If you only sign in to your account once every few weeks, you’ll be seen as someone who should not be taken seriously. However, if all you do is sit on the site every day, you will be seen as an individual who does not have what it takes to maintain a good relationship. It is important for you to find the balance so you can attract a normal fish.

  • Match her language and posting style. This is a classic tip for dating sites, particularly OKCupid, and it works like a charm. Watch for the language she uses and match it in tone and style. You should also balance your replies to match the paragraph and sentence length. This is akin to replicating body language. It establishes an underlying rapport.

Happy hunting!

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How to Speak to Women

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‘The Hormone Guide’ describes how to speak to women whilst keeping your balls in tact.

How to Speak to Women

Formidable advice, unless your partner gets violent after a few drinks…

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Good, Bad & Ugly Chat Up Lines

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First impressions are very important to the strange creatures we call women. So if you see somebody that catches your eye, then get over there and chat her up. Make sure you chat her up right or you are unlikely to even get to first base. The trouble is that what you think is right… is probably not – so that’s where these pointers can save you.

There are good, bad and ugly chat up lines and you need to make sure that you pick the right choice out of the three.

Many men think that women would love a man to come up to her and say “If I was going to rearrange the alphabet, I’d put U and I together“. The truth is that line would probably make a girl fake being a lesbian. Or even worse she will think you are “so so sweet” and before you know it, you’ll be her geeky friend whose shoulder she cries on every time she gets screwed over by a bad guy. In my experience, women do not like that cheesy crap and would prefer a man to come up to them and be just a little bit cheeky.

So, you’re in a bar and a hot woman has been giving you the eye, you might give her a little smile, walk over and say the following.

You remind me of my little toe, Imma bang you on my coffee table later.” This line is manly with just the right level of arrogance that she will love. All going well, she will giggle and let you buy her a drink. If she takes offence to this/is disgusted/etc, then its her loss, she either has no sense of humor or is some sort of tree hugging crazy chick.

Bad chat up lines generally do not work but sometimes they can, it all depends on the woman in question. So experiment a little, seeing what works on her – will give you a little insight into her head, not that it is possible to ever completely understand a woman.

Some women might like the corny stuff but no women want to feel unattractive, so I recommend that you stay away from the following lines because they will NEVER work and will more than likely earn you a black eye. Being funny is good, being obnoxious and rude is not.

  • I may not be the best looking guy here, but I’m the only one talking to you.
  • You might not be the best looking girl here, but beauty is only a light switch away.
  • Are you free tonight, or will it cost me?

Keep in mind that 80% of the time when you give a woman a chat up line, it is not about what you say, it’s how you deliver it. Women are always saying “It’s not what you said, it’s the way that you said it!” when they’re upset about something and this sort of applies with chat up lines too.

Let me give you an example. There’s a hot blonde in a bar and two men try the same chat up line on her (both men are the same in appearance – let’s say they are identical twins, we’ll call them Dick and Rick). Which one do you think would get the best result?

Scenario 1 – Rick walks slowly towards the girl at the bar and says quietly while not making any eye contact “Um…What’s a nice girl like you doing in a dirty mind like mine?”.

Scenario 2 – Dick walks over confidently, catches her attention and looks her straight in the eye “Can I ask you something?” When she says yes.. “What’s a nice girl like you doing in a dirty mind like mine?” he adds a cheeky wink into the conversation.

You’ve guessed it, hot blonde is likely to get a little creeped out by Rick and it’s probable that she will not say anything and just walk away. Dick did three things right – he gave eye contact, he engaged her by giving her a chance to speak and he made the whole thing a little more animated by winking. It’s likely that she will be putty in his hands and he will be going home with hot blonde that night. Of course I do not want to tar all women with the same brush, some don’t put out until at least the third date. (Editor: Or the 30th!)

I hope you can take what you’ve learnt from this and use it in a positive way to further enhance your love life. What I mean is – I hope you get lucky tonight!

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POF Online Now vs. Chat: Explaining the Confusion

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Trolling POF for romance and unable to tell the difference between girls who are online, girls who are available on chat, and girls who disappeared forever ago?

You’re not alone.

The World’s largest free dating site is notorious for sending out mixed signals. And not all of them for the woman you’re attempting to squeeze a message out of.

Many POF members are confused by the difference between users marked ‘online’, and those marked ‘chat’.

POF Online Now vs Chat

POF Online Now vs. Chat Now

When a user logs in to a browser that is compatible with POF’s Chat client, their profile will be marked with the Chat icon. Most desktop based browsers are compatible with POF Chat. However, if a user logs in using a mobile device, it’s possible that the chat feature will be disabled on that particular mobile. In this case, a user is shown to be Online Now, but not available to chat.

You will notice that some users seem to drop off from chat after several minutes of inactivity. If a user abandons a POF fishing session for more than 10 minutes, they will switch from ‘chat‘, to ‘online now‘, before eventually slipping offline.

Additionally, some users may have already decided to disable POF Chat. In these cases, they will be shown as online, but they will not be fair game for your badgering. 

Finally, we have the small issue of users who are signed in to the POF Android App.

This has been causing some major confusion, with sneers of jealousy from fish all around the world. When some users have the POF app installed, they will appear listed as ‘online‘ or ‘available to chat‘ whenever they use their mobile phones.

They might be texting a friend, or browsing the web, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they are jumping through hoops to read your message, let alone reply to it.

This confusion has caused many a meltdown from users who can’t understand why she’d possibly ignore that painstakingly crafted message for so long.

Well, maybe it was a shit message.

Maybe she accesses POF through the Android app.

Take your pick, but don’t bother to hound her with the classic follow-up message. It’s a big no-no.

“Just checking, did you get my last message?”

If she did, you’re busted.

If she didn’t, you are also busted. 

Sending Chat Requests on POF

Would you really want to do this anyway? The POF chat interface is notoriously clunky, and it’s quite an interruption when you’re casually flicking through the site.

Chances are, bombarding your prey with invitations to more conversation than she’s already happy with isn’t going to secure you any fish brownie points. Especially if she ignored your first message.

You’ll have more luck stringing together 3 or 4 intriguing replies and then asking for her Facebook or Skype. It’s more natural to chat on these platforms, plus it’s a step away from POF. The quicker you snare your dates away from POF, the better!

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What Do Women Want? The Survey Says…

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A recent survey of 5,500 American adults has shed new light on these time honoured dating questions…

  • What do women really look for in a date?
  • How attractive am I to the opposite sex?

The survey, conducted by MarketTools Inc for, targeted both males and females. It threw up some interesting results, if not unexpected.

10 Things Women Judge Men On

Women judge men

10 things women judge men on

Not good news for my fellow Brits. A whooping 71% of women see teeth as the most important factor for a date.

It’s interesting to note that the type of electronic gadgets we carry has pulled in 10% of the vote. What kind of women are these? Cupid pickpockets?!

What Women Want in a Relationship

What women want

What women want in a relationship

Top of the list is the gentleman that treats his lady with respect. No doubt this will come as crippling news to fans of The Game, and pick-up artists all over the land.

A sense of humour is considered important to both sexes, although slightly more so to women with 58% vs 37%.

What Women Don’t Consider Important in a Relationship

Least important things women want

Least important things in a relationship

Very few men or women are concerned whether a potential partner is eager to marry. Presumably those who do care are non-believers in sex before marriage? Why the rush?!

Other Interesting Findings

One night stands:

63% of men admit having had one, compared to only 44% of women.

That’s a 19% gap, which poses the obvious question, “Just who have those guys really been sleeping with?

Man carrying debt:

65% would not date someone with credit card debt greater than $5,000, and 54% would not date someone with substantial student loan debt.

I call bullshit on this. It takes a skilled singleton to calculate the financial standings of a date before agreeing to dinner. But it’s a useful tidbit for those pondering conversation topics on the first evening.

Don’t talk about your debt!

Would you date a virgin?

42% of responders said no.

A bit harsh, we all had to start somewhere.

Watch your e-back:

Finally, 38% of the participants said they would cancel a date because of something they found out while researching them over the Internet.

If you have a mountain of embarrassing YouTube clips floating around, the 24 hours after arranging a date are the time to set that shit private. has spoken. You have been warned!

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Porn Legend Ron Jeremy in Intensive Care

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Legendary porn star Ron Jeremy is in intensive care after suffering an aneurysm last night.

59-year-old Jeremy drove himself to an LA hospital suffering severe chest pains. He was led away and operated on immediately.

Porn Legend: Ron 'The Hedgehog' Jeremy

Porn Legend: Ron ‘The Hedgehog’ Jeremy

Agent Mike Esterman said in an email to The Associated Press that Jeremy underwent a ‘smooth procedure’ at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. As of Wednesday night, he was still asleep and awaiting assessment.

The Hedgehog‘ is one of the adult industry’s most iconic figures. Jeremy claims to have starred in over 2000 adult movies across a career that has propelled him straight to the A-List of Hollywood.

Jeremy is officially ‘retired’ (we assume professionally), but he has been a regular staple in movies and TV shows, including most recently starring as himself on The Surreal Life.

To truly appreciate Ron’s ‘work-rate’, you need only refer to his IMDB filmography, which is damn near long enough to crash the Internet. Like a boss.

Get well soon to The Hedgehog!

Here’s that filmography:

Ron Jeremy’s Filmography

(Are you ready for this?)

2014 Werewolves in Heat (filming)

2013 Bad Signs (filming)

2013 Manson Girls (filming)
Porn director

2013 Speed Dragon (post-production)

2013 Skum Rocks! (post-production)

2013 Return to Nuke ‘Em High (post-production)

2013 Crushed Velvet (post-production)

2012 Grizzly Cove (post-production)
Det. Rico Depinto

2011 Calvin’s Dream (post-production)
Ron Jeremy

2013 High Heels, Low Standards (TV series)
Mr. Cheruby
– My Two Daddies (2013) … Mr. Cheruby

2012 Midnight Show
Crackwood pastor

2012 Breaking Bad XXX (video)

2012 A Christmas Orgy (video)
Santa Claus

2012 Chyna Is Queen of the Ring (video)

2012 Batgirl XXX: An Extreme Comixxx Parody (video)

2012 Official the Hangover Parody (video)

2012/I 21 Hump Street (video)
The Janitor

2012 Bloody Bloody Bible Camp

2012 Magic Mike Auditions (short)
Judge Ron

2012 Emmanuelle in Wonderland

2012 Pee-Wee’s XXX Adventure: A Porn Parody (video)
Porn Guy #1

2012 Internal Behaviors Part 2: The Regurgitation (video)
Father Rothstein

2012 Night of the Dead (video)

2012 Possessed by Sexxx (video)
Ron (uncredited)

2012 Alien Babes in Heat
Dr. Roberts

2012 The Haunted Trailer
The Demon

2012 Alpha Girls
Father Benito Baccalà

2011 Bloody Mary 3D
Allen Sussex

2011 Finger Bang
Bruce’s Dad

2011 Tosh Porn Oh (video)

2011 I Was a Teenage Werebear (short)

2011 Rocky XXX: A Parody Thriller (video)

2011 Sexy and I Know It (short)

2011 The Flying Pink Pig 2 (video)

2011 Chillerama
Captain Fatso/Playbear (segments “Wadzilla” and “I Was a Teenage Werebear”)

2011 Taxi Driver: A XXX Parody (video)

2011 Tits (video)
Ron Jeremy (uncredited)

2011 Teen Sex (video)

2011 This Ain’t Ghostbusters XXX (video)
Old Librarian

2011 Killer School Girls from Outer Space

2011 Scream XXX: A Porn Parody (video)

2011 Rocki Whore Picture Show: A Hardcore Parody (video)
TP Scott

2011 TSA: Your Ass Is in Our Hands (video)
TSA Agent Ron Jeremy

2011 Justice League of Porn Star Heroes (video)

2011 Detention
Beauty Beast

2011 The Flying Pink Pig (video)

2011 Smarte Bidness (short)
Ron Dong

2011 Elvis XXX: A Porn Parody (video)
Melvis Presley

2011 Emmanuelle Through Time: Emmanuelle’s Sexy Bite (TV movie)

2011 Emmanuelle Through Time: Emmanuelle’s Supernatural Sexual Activity (TV movie)

2011 The Graduate XXX (video)
Mr. Braverman/Bus Driver

2011 Raw Sex (video)

2011 Nothing But Sexxx (video)
Janitor (uncredited)

2011 A Pornstar Is Born (video)
Ron Jeremy

2010 Underground Entertainment: The Movie

2010 The Overnight

2010 Big Butt Cowgirl Pinups (video)

2010 Saw: A Hardcore Parody (video)
Chief of Police

2010 Malice in Lalaland (video)

2010 Gia: Portrait of a Porn Star (video)

2010 Taxi: A Hardcore Parody (video)

2010 Not the Bradys XXX: Bradys Meet the Partridge Family (video)
Sam the Butcher

2010 I Am Virgin (video)

2010 Big Money Rustlas
Grizzly Wolf

2010 The Divorcee (video)
The Judge

2010 Official Deal or No Deal Parody (video)

2010 The Black Belle
Ron Jeremy

2010 Bus Stop Girls 2 (video)
The Bus Driver

2010 Sanatorium (video)

2010 Tetherball: The Movie
Jack White

2010 Beaches, Buns and Bikinis
Crab Shack Sammie

2010 Relax, He’s My Step Dad 2 (video)

2010 Slaughter Weekend
Porn Star

2010 My Oldest Fuck 2 (video)

2009 Blood Moon Rising

2009 The Lair (TV series)
Delivery Man
– Episode #3.9 (2009) … Delivery Man

2009 The Crack Pack (video)

2009 Sunny’s Slumber Party (video)
Uncle Bill

2009 Hustler’s Untrue Hollywood Stories: Lindsay Lohan (video)

2009 Under the Gaydar (video)
Ron Jeremy

2009 Crank: High Voltage
Ron Jeremy (as Ron Jeremy Hyatt)

2009 Not Three’s Company XXX (video)

2009 Hardcore Circus (video)

2009 Not the Bradys XXX: Pussy Power! (video)
Sam the Butcher

2009 TMSleaze (video)

2009 The Great American Squirt Off 2 (video)

2009 Trade In
Richard Steadman

2009/I Do Not Disturb

2009 Tales from the Catholic Church of Elvis!
God (voice)

2008 One-Eyed Monster

2008 Not the Bradys XXX: Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! (video)
Sam the Butcher

2008/I Whore
The Priest

2008 Not Bewitched XXX (video)
Dr. Bombay

2008 Love for the First Time (video)
Ron John

2008 Tommy Time
Ron The Urinal Sage

2008 Stone & Ed
Ron Jeremy

2008 Porn Star Pool Party (video)
Non Sex (uncredited)

2008 Tera Goes Gonzo (video)

2008 FILF: Father’s I’d Like to Fuck (video)

2008 Dark City (video)

2007 Doing His Best James Dean (TV series short)
Ron Jeremy (2007)

2007 Canoga Park (TV series)
Ron Jeremy
– The Fashion Show/Haute Cooter (2007) … Ron Jeremy

2007/I Loaded
Dr. Fenerty

2007 Abbey of Thelema
Father Pacianus

2007 Operation: Desert Stormy (video)

2007 Not the Bradys XXX (video)
Sam the Butcher

2007 Succubus XXX (video)
Bar Announcer

2007 Crazy Animal (video)
Ricky’s Father

2007 Look
Fatso in Computer Porn (as Ron Jeremy Hyatt)

2007 The Real Boogie Nights (video)

2007 The Caper

2007 Finishing the Game: The Search for a New Bruce Lee
Peter Dowd (as Ron Jeremy Hyatt)

2007 Playgirl: Heavenly Heat (video)

2007 Spunk’d: The Movie (video)

2007 M.I.L.F. Interactive (video)

2007 Tear Jerkers 3 (video)

2007 Sex Trek: Where No Man Has Cum B4 (video)
Harry Balls

2007 13 Cum-Hungry Cocksuckers 7 (video)

2007 Dawn of Sex

2006 Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead
Crazy Ron

2006 Busted! 2 (video)

2006 Kick Ass Chicks 35: Pigtails (video)

2006 Curse of Pirate Death (video)
Professor Jackson

2006 Alias: The Roughest Cut (short)

2006 L.A.Vice (video)

2006 The Great American Squirt Off (video)

2006 Anal Princess Diaries 2 (video)

2006 Nantucket Housewives (video)

2006 Bad Ass Bridgette (video)

2006 My Secret Life (video)

2006 Bigfoot at Holler Creek Canyon (video)
Ranger Rik

2005 Alley Dogs (TV movie)

2005 The Witch’s Sabbath
Craven Moorehead (The Bible Salesman)

2005 Slaughter Party (video)
UFO Enthusiast

2005 Frankenstein vs. the Creature from Blood Cove
Bar Man

2005 Dark Angels 2 (video)
Diner Manager

2005 The Wickeds (video)

2005 Charlie’s Death Wish (video)
Captain Al Rosenberg

2005 Faster Pussycat Fuck! Fuck! (video)
Dick Dude Ranch

2005 The L.A. Riot Spectacular

2005 The Nickel Children
The Hand (as Ron Hyatt)

2005 Reign of Tera (video)
R. Jeremy

2005 Dead Meat
Andre the Butcher

2005 Motel Freaks (video)

2005 Who Fucked Rocco? (video)

2005 Very Very Bad Santa (video)

2005 Honey We Blew Up Your Pussy 2 (video)

2004 Private Gold 66: Cadillac Highway (video)

2004 Back by Midnight
Man with Ears’ Wife

2004 Peoples
Strip Club Announcer

2004 Impact (video)
Jerry Brent

2004 Tales from the Crapper (video)
Jimmy (as Ron Hyatt)

2004 Award-Winning Anal (video)

2004 Run Mary Run (video)
Spooge Cruztamante

2004 Chapter X (video)

2004 Busted! (video)

2004 Porn Stars from Mars (video)
President Bushwacker

2004 Cocksuckers Contest (video)

2004 Magic Sex Genie (video)

2004 Best of Tabitha Stevens 2 (video)

2004 He Said She Said (video)

2003 Nick Grande: White Gold (video)
Inspector Lujan

2003 Jenna’s Harem (video)

2003 Space Nuts (video)
Ron Jeremy

2003 Zombiegeddon (video)

2003 Adult Stars at Home 3 (video)

2003 Trail of Passion (video)
Detective Burton

2003 Optimism
Reverand Marty

2003 Bruce Almighty
Man in Diner (uncredited)

2003 Paris
Bartender (as Ron Jeremy Hyatt)

2003 Hercules (video)
Town Pimp

2003 Sweet Miss Fortune (video)

2003 College Invasion #1 (video)

2003 Parts of the Family (video)
Sleazy Guy on Couch

2003 Sex Idols (video)

2003 18 and Eager for Anal (video)

2003 Bag Ladies (video)

2003 Kick Ass Chicks 5: Felix Vicious (video)

2003 Ron Jeremy on the Loose: Atlantic City (video)

2003 Simply Stephanie (video)

2003 Extreme Teen 35 (video)

2003 Ron Jeremy on the Loose 4: San Francisco (video)

2003 More Than a Handful 13 (video)

2003 Truckstop Trixie (video)

2003 City of Sin (video)

2003 Perverted Stories: The Movie (video)

2003 Please Cum Inside Me 14 (video)

2003 Sodomania 42: The Juice Is Loose (video)

2003 Creepies (video)
Officer Spudic

2002 Hitters

2002 Roadblock (video)
Detective Hurst

2002 Death Factory (video)

2002 The Rules of Attraction
At the Player Piano (as Ron Jeremy Hyatt)

2002 Shagnet (video)
Ron Jeremy (uncredited)

2002 Spun

2002 Over 50 and Still Beautiful (video)

2002 Hell’s Highway (video)

2002 Burnin’ Love (video)
Fat Elvis

2002 Mondo Porno (video)
The Missing Link

2002 Porn Academy (video)
The Headmaster

2002 America the Beautiful (video)

2002 No Exit (video)

2002 Blowjob Fantasies 14 (video)

2002 Eating Poussé (video)

2002 Dripping Wet Sex 1 (video)

2002 Ron Jeremy on the Loose: Sunset Strip (video)

2002 Beach Bash (video)

2002 Naked Hollywood 15: The Body Beautiful…

2001 Night at the Golden Eagle
Ray (as Ron Jeremy Hyatt)

2001 Fugly (short)
Mr. Penis (voice)

2001 Fast Sofa (as Ron Jeremy Hyatt / unconfirmed)

2001 Lust in America (video)

2001 Alex in Wonder
Master of Ceremonies (as Ron Hyatt)

2001 Bridgette’s Hellions (video)

2001 Gang Bang Whores Part 2 (video) (uncredited)

2001 Just Shoot Me! (TV series)
– The Proposal: Part 2 (2001) … Cameraman (uncredited)

2001 Underworld (video)

2001 My Oral Obsession (video)

2001 Hung Wankenstein (video)

2001 Charlie’s Devils 2: The Next Position (video)
Porno Actor

2001 Deep Pink 2 (video)

2001 Grrl Power! 4 (video)

2001 FantASIANy 4 (video)

2001 The Unknown Curse (video)

2001 Little White Chicks Big Black Monster Dicks 11 (video)
Monster (uncredited)

2001 Angryman

2000 Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV
Mayor Goldberg

2000 Inside Porn (video)
Butch ‘Skippy’ McMillen

2000 Northern Sights (video)

2000 Girl Next Door (video)
Father (voice: English version) (as Ron Jeremi)

2000 I Dream of Farrah (video)

2000 Waiting
Restaurant Customer

2000 Shrink Wrapped (video)

2000 The Baron of Darkness 2 (video)

2000 Deception
Prisoner #1 (as Ron Hyatt)

2000 Nash Bridges (TV series)
Kevin Cutler
– El Diablo (2000) … Kevin Cutler (as Ron Jeremy Hyatt)

2000 Privately Perverted Older Women (video)

2000 Backstage Sluts 3 (video)

2000 American Dream Girls: Old Glory (video)

2000 Screw My Wife Please 16: And Make Her Smile! (video)

2000 Screw My Wife Please 13: And Do Her Doggie Style (video)

2000 Diego’s Girls (video)

2000 Charlie’s Devils (video)
Porno Actor

2000 San Fernando Jones and the Temple of Poon (video)
San Fernando Jones

2000 Finger Lickin’ Good (video)

2000 Blowjob Fantasies 12 (video)

2000 Being with Juli Ashton (video)

2000 Las Vegas Revue 2000 (video)

2000 More Than a Handful 9 (video)

2000 Big Boob Bukkake (video)

2000 Les vampyres
Jenny’s Father

2000 Ally McFeal (video)

2000 Eat Me!
Porno Jack (as Ron Hyatt)

1999 Extremely Yours, Alana (video)

1999 Baron of Darkness (video)
Professor Edgar Bodine

1999 Vagina Town (video)
Art Coldwater

1999 Flat Out
Bud’s Dad

1999 Marilyn Chambers Is Still Insatiable (video)
Master of Ceremonies

1999 Real Doll the Movie Episode 1 (video)
Max Krivicki

1999 Detroit Rock City
MC (as Ron Jeremy Hyatt)

1999 The Boondock Saints
Vincenzo Lipazzi (as Ron Jeremy Hyatt)

1999 Palace of Sin (video)

1999 Live Virgin
Desk Sargeant

1999 Throbin Hood (video)
Friar Fuck

1999 Terror Firmer
Casey’s Dad

1999 Titman’s Pool Party (video)

1999 Men in Back (video)
Ned (uncredited)

1999 Butt Munch 6 (video)

1999 Anal Wedding (video)

1999 I racconti immorali di Mario Salieri (video)

1999 Gianburrasca 3 (video)

1999 Sex 4 Life Too (video)

1999 Rainwoman 14 (video)

1999 House of Freaks (video)
The Bear

1999 Buttman at Nudes a Poppin’ 6 (video)

1999 Blowjob Fantasies 9 (video)

1999 Sluts Butts and Housewives (video)

1999 Nymphomercials (video)

1999 Naked City Tampa Bay 2 (video)

1999 Fuck Pigs (video)

1999 Blowjob Fantasies 7 (video)

1999 Huge Fuckin’ Cocks (video)

1999 Hot House Tales (video)

1999 If She Ruled the World (video)

1999 Bustin’ Into Las Vegas (video)

1999 Frezno Smooth

1999 One Bad Day

1998 S.M.U.T. 10 (video)

1998 SexHibition 6 (video)

1998 Ronin
Fishmonger (scenes deleted) (as Ron Hiatt)

1998 54

1998 The Texas Dildo Masquerade (video)

1998 Border to Border
Pool Player

1998 Butt Sluts 2 (video)

1998 Rage (video)

1998 Boogie Knights (video)

1998 S.M.U.T. 7 (video)

1998 Flesh Peddlers 2 (video)

1998 Up and Cummers 52 (video)

1998 Show 3 (video)

1998 Blow It Out Your Ass (video)

1998 Tushy Girls Live (video) (as Ron)

1998 Put It in Reverse 3 (video)

1998 She’s Got Milk (video)
Cake Eater

1998 Men in Blue (video)
Internal Affairs Officer

1998 Perverted Passions (video)

1998 Ebony Ecstasy (video)

1998 Curse of the Lesbian Love Goddess (video) (as Ron)

1998 Timeless (video)
Vic Marlborough

1998 I Know Who You Did Last Summer (video)

1998 Blowjob Fantasies 4 (video)

1998 Buck Shot (video)

1998 Cock Smokers (video)

1998 This Little Piggy Went to Porno (video)

1998 Backstage Sluts 2: No Ass No Pass (video)

1998 Blowjob Fantasies 5 (video)

1998 Moral Degeneration (video)

1998 YA 12 (video)

1998 Skinflick (video)

1998 Booty Duty 5 (video)

1998 Lone Greasers (short)
Bar Owner

1998 Nude World Order (video)
Tony Ventura

1998 Date from Hell (video)

1998 Art House
Waiter (uncredited)

1997 Hienie’s Heroes (video)

1997 NewsRadio (TV series)
Man at Book Reading
– Super Karate Monkey Death Car (1997) … Man at Book Reading (uncredited)

1997 Swinging in the Rain (video)
Cy Paramounds (Non Sex)

1997 Angel Sucks (video)

1997 Orgazmo

1997 George Wallace (TV movie)
Demonstrator (as Ron Hyatt)

1997 What’s Up, Tiger Pussy? (video)

1997 Blowjob Adventures of Dr. Fellatio 2 (video) (uncredited)

1997 Busted (video)
Loiterer (uncredited)

1997 Meet Wally Sparks
Porn Actor

1997 Night of the Living Bed (video)
Oscar (Non Sex)

1997 Fountain of Innocence (video)

1997 The Scope (video)
Peter Paulson

1997 Goodaughters (video)

1997 Screw My Wife Please 3: Once More (video)

1997 Girls Who Take It Up the Ass 21 (video)

1997 Concetta Licata 3 (video)

1997 She Has Skills 1 (video)

1997 Breastman Goes to Hollywood (video)

1997 Gang Bang Angels 2 (video)

1997 Gang Bang Angels (video)

1997 Abuse of Power (video)

1997 A Week and a Half in the Life of a Prostitute (video)

1997 Ass, Gas & the Mystical Glop (video)

1997 87 and Still Banging (video)

1997 Rainwoman 10 (video)

1997 Weed’s Gang Bang Sixxx (video)

1997 South Central Hookers (video)

1997 Black Cherry Coeds 3 (video)

1997 Dirty Bob’s Xcellent Adventures 35 (video)

1997 How to Suck a Dick (video)
No name (uncredited)

1997 Perverted Stories 14: Reality Check (video)

1997 Night and Day 3

1997 Gluteus to the Maximus (video)

1997 Dirty Bob’s Xcellent Adventures 36 (video)

1997 Dirty Bob’s Xcellent Adventures 29 (video)

1997 Cirque du sex 3 (video)

1997 Cirque du sex 2 (video)

1997 A Little Piece of My Heart (video)

1997 New Wave Hookers vs. The Next Generation (video)
Silky Smooth

1996 South Beach Academy
‘Weed’ Wacker (as Ron Hyatt)

1996 Bone Chillers (TV series)

1996 Tromeo and Juliet
Tromaville Citizen (uncredited)

1996 Goldenbush (video)

1996 Persia’s Back (video)
The Detective

1996 Anal Amateurs (video)

1996 Sodomania 16: Sexxy Pistols (video)

1996 Young and Anal 4 (video)

1996 Young and Anal 3 (video)

1996 Another White Trash Whore (video)

1996 Double Penetration Virgins 7: D.p. Therapy (video)

1996 Slippin’ in Through the Outdoor (video)

1996 American Tushy (video)

1996 In Your Face 4 (video)

1996 Cumming Clean (video)

1996 Older Women’s Sperm Bank 5 (video)

1996 Jiggly Queens 3 (video)
Big Jim Titler

1996 Cream on My Melons (video)

1996 Whore’n (video)

1996 Triple Penetration Debutante Sluts 1 (video)

1996 Squirters (video)

1996 Nikki Loves Rocco (video)
Mr. Smith

1996 Lotus Blossoms (video)

1996 Intense (video)

1996 Hypnotic Hookers 1 (video)

1996 Anal Angels (video)

1996 World’s Biggest Gang Bang 2 (video)

1996 Philmore Butts Goes Hollyweird (video)

1996 Perverted Stories 7 (video)

1996 Perverted Stories 10 (video)

1996 Hero, Lover, Fool

1996 Carnal Cuties (video)

1996 Interview: Foreign Affair (video)

1996 Casting Call 16 (video)

1996 Way They Wuz

1996 They Bite

1996 Samantha and Co. (video)

1996 Pussy Hunt – Vol. 19 (video)

1996 In Your Face 3 (video)

1996 Illicit Affairs (video)

1996 Hunt (video)

1996 Frankenpenis (video)

1996 Exotic Car Models 2 (video)

1996 Anal Jeopardy (video)

1996 Yin Yang Oriental Love Bang (video)

1996 Wild & Wicked 7 (video)

1996 Taken for Granted (video)

1996 Hindsight
Chateau Guest (as Ron Jeremy Hyatt)

1996 Angelique the Perverted Innocent

1995 Red Line (video)

1995 Mr. Stitch (TV movie)
Lieutenant Periainkle (as Ron Jeremy Hyatt)

1995 Vortex (video)

1995 Interview: Backdoor Imports (video)

1995 The XXX Files: Lust in Space (video)
Commander Duckbutter

1995 Depraved Fantasies 4: The Undead (video)

1995 Notorious (video)

1995 Talking Blue (TV series)

1995 Blonde Angel (video)
The Guide

1995 The Dangerous

1995 Art of Nude Bowling (video short)

1995 Fresh Meat: A Ghost Story (video)
The Butcher/The Agent

1995 Ass Masters 3 (video)

1995 All-Star Anal Interviews 1 (video)

1995 Snatch Masters 4 (video)

1995 Ass Masters 4 (video)

1995 Anal Riders 106 (video)

1995 Bondage Queen Kate
Man (voice: English version) (as Ron Jeremi)

1995 Little Girl Blue (video)

1995 The Girls of Anal U (video)
History Teacher (uncredited)

1995 Sex Scandals (video)

1995 The Matinee Idol (video)
Party Guest

1995 Stuff Your Ass 2 (video)

1995 Snatch Masters 8 (video)

1995 Nasty Pants (video)

1995 Interview’s Blonde Bombshells (video)

1995 Fantasy Lover (video)

1995 Explicit (video)

1995 Enigma (video)

1995 Candy (video)

1995 Blonde Temptation (video)

1995 Starbangers 7 (video)

1995 Philmore Butts Hawaiian Anal Adventure (video)

1995 Perverted Stories 3 (video)

1995 Stuff Your Face Again (video)

1995 40 Something and Still Hot (video)

1995 Ass Masters 5 (video)

1995 Radical Affairs 7 (video)

1995 The Grind (video)

1995 The Games Women Play (video)

1995 Snatch Masters 9 (video)

1995 Snatch Masters 6 (video)

1995 Poolparty at Seymore’s 2 (video)

1995 Poolparty at Seymore’s 1 (video)

1995 Nasty Encounters

1995 Every Woman Has a Fantasy 3 (video)

1995 Casting Call 9 (video)

1995 Perverted Stories II (video)

1995 All Amateur Perfect 10′s

1995 Nikki’s Nightlife (video)

1995 Deep Inside Tyffany Million (video)

1995 Deep Inside Crystal Wilder (video)

1995 Interview: Caught in the Act (video)

1995 Black Babewatch

1995 What’s the Lesbian Doing in My Pirate Movie? (video)

1995 What’s a Nice Girl Like You Doing in an Anal Movie? (video)

1995 Tropical Taboo (video)

1995 The Tongue (video)

1995 Ski Sluts (video)

1995 Sgt Peckers Lonely Hearts Club Gang Bang (video)

1995 Sarah’s Inheritance (video)

1995 Pubic Access (video)

1995 Penitentiary (video)

1995 Out of My Mind (video)

1995 Impulse: Memories of an Italian Slut (video)

1995 Humpkin Pie (video)

1995 The Hollywood Starlet Search (video)

1995 Hellfire (video)

1995 Generally Horny Hospital (video)

1995 Gangbusters (video)

1995 Fatal Illusion

1995 Dirty Mind (video)

1995 Dementia (video)

1995 Defying the Odds

1995 Cyberanal (video)

1995 Crystal Images (video)

1995 Crimson Thighs (video)

1995 Club Kiss (video)

1995 Because I Can (video)

1995 Angel Wolf

1995 Anal Al’s Adventures (video)

1995 Caged Heat 3000

1994 Class of Nuke ‘Em High 3: The Good, the Bad and the Subhumanoid

1994 John Wayne Bobbitt Uncut (video)

1994 Straight A’s (video)

1994 Depraved Fantasies 3 (video)

1994 The Chase
Randy (as Ron Hyatt)

1994 Radical Affairs 8 (video)

1994 Beaver Hunt Video 1 (video)

1994 Concetta Licata 1 (video)

1994 Amorous Amateurs 38 (video)

1994 Le casalinghe P… gli stalloni

1994 Horny Henry’s French Adventure (video)

1994 Peepshow (video)

1994 Dracula

1994 2 Baggers (video)

1994 American Dream Girls (video)

1994 Anal Pucer (video)

1994 Savage Fury 3 (video)

1994 Big Boobs in Buttsville (video)

1994 Tail Taggers 120 (video)

1994 Tail Taggers 118 (video)

1994 Tail Taggers 115 (video)

1994 Private Video Magazine 9 (video)

1994 Dick and Jane Do the Strip (video)

1994 Wedding Vows (video)

1994 Undercover Lover (video)

1994 Superstar Sex Challenge (video)

1994 Stripper Nurses (video)

1994 Stiff Compitition II (video)

1994 Starbangers 6 (video)

1994 The Stand-up (video)

1994 The Spa (video)

1994 Sordid Stories (video)

1994 Sloppy Seconds (video)
Skid Row Loser

1994 Rump Reamers (video)

1994 Pleasure Dome: The Genesis Chamber (video)

1994 Naughty in Nature (video)

1994 Love Potion 69 (video)

1994 Into the Fire (video)

1994 French Made (video)

1994 Hootermania (video)

1994 Hardcore (video)
Dolly’s Leading Man

1994 Fun ’4′ All (video)

1994 Filthy Sleazy Scoundrels (video)

1994 Escape to the Party (video)

1994 Double Penetration Virgins 3 (video)

1994 Dirt Bags (video)

1994 Depraved Fantasies: Part Two (video)
Ron / Rabbit

1994 Depraved Fantasies (video)

1994 Debbie Does Dallas Again!!!! (video)

1994 Colossal Orgy 3 (video)

1994 Colossal Orgy 2 (video)

1994 Caught from Behind 19 (video)

1994 The Butt Sisters Do Sturgis (video)

1994 Butt Bangers Ball (video)

1994 Bustin’ Out My Best! (video)

1994 Bunny Bleu: A Gang Bang Fantasy (video)

1994 Boobs A Poppin’ (video)

1994 The Big Bang 3 (video)

1994 The Backdoor Bandit (video)

1994 Bachelor Party 2 (video)

1994 Anal Queen (video)

1994 All I Want for Christmas Is a Gang Bang (video)

1994 Walk on the Wild Side (video)

1994 Sex-a-fari (video)

1994 Backing in 6 (video)

1994 Reservoir Bitches (video)

1994 Performer of the Year (video)

1994 Natural Pleasure (video)

1994/I Natural Born Thrillers (video)

1994 The Dragon Lady 7: Tales from the Bed 6 (video)

1994 The Crack (video)

1994 Candy Factory (video)

1994 The Butt Sisters Do Las Vegas (video)

1993 Killing Zoe
Concierge (as Ron Jeremy Hyatt)

1993 The Taming of Savannah (video)
Guy from Bar

1993 Freaks of Nature #4 (video)

1993 Guys Who Suck Their Own Cocks (video)

1993 Gangbang Girl 9 (video)

1993 Gangbang Girl 10 (video)

1993 Bra Busters 2 (video)

1993 Gangbang Girl 11 (video)

1993 Sex Academy (video)

1993 Sirens (video)

1993 Wendy Is Watching (video)

1993 Saturday Night Porn II (video)

1993 Indecent Offer (video)

1993 Hungry 2 (video)

1993 Hollywood Studs (video)

1993 Guttman’s Paris Vacation (video)
The Gutt

1993 The Fluffer (video)

1993 The Fluffer: Part 2 (video)

1993 Cheerleader Nurses (video)
Dr. Izzy Quisling

1993 Caught from Behind 18 (video)
Dr. Peter ‘Jeremy’ Proctor

1993 The Butt Sisters (video)

1993 Seymore Butts Is Blown Away (video)

1993 Anal Attraction 2 (video)

1993 The Worst Porno Ever Made with the Best Sex (video)
The Film Director

1993 Who Killed Holly Hollywood? (video)
Joe North

1993 Voyeurism 1 (video)

1993 Super Hornio Brothers 2 (video)
Squeegie Hornio

1993 Super Hornio Brothers (video)
Squeegie Hornio

1993 Hard to Stop (video)

1993 Seymore Butts in Paradise (video)

1993 Seymore Butts Meets the Cumback Brat (video)

1993 Haunted Nights (video)

1993 Raunchy Remedy (video)

1993 Raincoat Fantasies (video)

1993 Madame Hiney: The Beverly Hills Butt Broker (video)

1993 Love Potion (video)

1993 Jailhouse Cock (video)

1993 I Love Juicy (video)

1993 I Dream of Tiffany (video)

1993 I Dream of Teri (video)

1993 The Hustlers (video)
L.A. Money

1993 Hollywood ’94: Butts Abound (video)

1993 Guttman’s Hollywood Adventure (video)

1993 Dirty Tricks (video)

1993 Colossal Orgy (video)

1993 Return of the Cheerleader Nurses (video)
Dr. Izzy Quisling

1993 Bone Alone (video)

1993 Blow Job, Baby (video)

1993 Black Babes in Heat (video)

1993 Bimbonese 101 (video)

1993 Beaver and Buttcheeks (video)

1993 What’s Butt Got to Do with It (video)

1993 Bachelor Party (video)

1993 Adult Video Nudes (video)

1993 Erotic Adventures of Little Red Riding Hood (uncredited)

1993 Sex in abissi

1993 Butt Hole Boulevard (video)

1993 Legal Briefs
Ricky (as Ron Hywatt)

1993 Housewife from Hell

1992 La marquise est une vraie salope

1992 Le donne di Mandingo

1992 Anals of History (video)

1992 The Dragon Lady 3: Tales from the Bed 2 (video)

1992 The Best of… Shaved Sinners 1-3 (video)

1992 Deep Inside Viviana (video)

1992 My Sex Life As a Ghost
The Naked Medieval King

1992 Arabika (video)

1992 Caught from Behind 16 (video)

1992 The Wild Thing (video)

1992 Twister (video)

1992 Shoot to Thrill (video)

1992 Sex in a Singles Bar (video)

1992 Screwballs (video)

1992 Two Women
Store Clerk

1992 Oriental Treatment: Part II (The Lost Empress) (video)

1992 Motel Hell (video)

1992 Mad Maxine (video)

1992 Layin’ Down the Law (video)

1992 Kiss & Tell (video)

1992 Dreams Come True (video)

1992 The Goddaughter: Part II (video)

1992 French Open (video)

1992 The Flintbones (video)
Red Flintbone

1992 Flashpoint (video)

1992 Drivin’ Miss Daisy Crazy Again (video)

1992 Black & White in Living Color (video)

1992 King Kong Dongs Volume 2

1992 Wicked Thoughts (video)

1992 Puppy Love (video)
Mr. Bonty

1992 My Anal Valentine (video)

1992 Mind Trips (video)

1992 Immoral Support (video)

1992 I Am Desire (video)

1992 Headlines (video)
Porno ranch owner

1992 The Goddaughter: Part IV (video)

1992 The Goddaughter: Part 3 (video)

1992 The Dragon Lady 4: Tales from the Bed 3 (video)

1992 Dark Dreams (video)

1992 The D.P. Man (video)
Ronny – the hunchback

1992 The D.P. Man 2 (video)

1992 Confessions (video)

1992 Caught from Behind 17 (video)
Dr. Peter ‘Jeremy’ Proctor

1992 Business and Pleasure (video)

1992 Bronco Millie (video)
Rodeo Clown

1992 Blue Angel (video)

1992 Blazing Boners (video)

1992 Dixie Dynamite and the All-Star Tit Queens

1992 You Said a Mouthful (video)

1992 Vice Versa (video)

1992 Return to a Tale of Two Titties (video)

1992 Confessions 2

1992 Confessions 1

1992 Smeers (video)
Enormous Peterson

1992 Sex Wish (video)

1992 Raunchy Porno Picture Show (video)
Special Guest Star 1991 Porn Hall Of Fame Inductee

1992 Mix-Up (video)

1992 The Love Doctor (video)

1992 Lethal Passion (video)

1992 Taylor Wayne’s World (video)

1992/I Jugsy (video)

1992 Jennifer 69 (video)

1992 Ready, Willing and Anal (video)

1992 Gangbang Girl 6 (video)

1992 Gangbang Girl 5 (video)

1992 Gangbang Girl 2 (video)

1992 Gangbang Girl (video)

1992 Ejacula la vampira

1992 Dirty Dixie (video)

1992 Caught from Behind 16: The Reunion (video)
Dr. Peter Jeremy Procter

1992 Blue Angel: Part II (video)

1992 Battle of the Ultra Milkmaids (video)

1992 Bad Side of Town (video)

1992 The Erotic Adventures of the Three Musketeers (video)

1992 Ejacula, la vampira

1992 Feast
Shelly Lemery

1992 Seymore Butts: In the Love Shack

1992 Bikini Beach Race
Gino Carlotti (as Ron Hyatt)

1991 Casting Agency (video)

1991 Backing In 2 (video)

1991 Twin Cheeks (video)

1991 Passions of Heather Lear (video)

1991 Big Tit Orgy 3 (video)

1991 Vow of Passion (video)

1991 Up the Gulf (video)
Professor Morrison

1991 2 Times a Virgin (video)

1991 Special Treatment (video)

1991 Opening Night (video)

1991 The Only Game in Town? (video)

1991 Just Friends (video)

1991 The Harder Way (video)

1991 Dick-tation (video)

1991 Dial 666 Lust (video)

1991 Decadent (video)

1991 Catalina 69 (video)

1991 Return to Camp Beaver Lake (video)
Max Starkers

1991 Call Girl (video)

1991 California Taxi Girls (video)

1991 Breasts and Beyond II (video)

1991 The Bi-Analist (video)

1991 The Adventures of Buttgirl and Wonder Wench (video)
The Poker

1991 Breathless (video)

1991 Swedish Erotica Hard 17 (video)

1991 Holly Does Hollywood 4

1991 X Factor: The Next Generation (video)
Man in Jail

1991 Voodoo Vixens (video)

1991 Unveil My Love (video)

1991 Suburban Seduction (video)

1991 The Maddams Family (video)
Uncle Pester

1991 Analita campagnola

1991 The Penetrator (video)

1991 Junkyard Dogs (video)

1991 Halloweenie (video)
The Butler

1991 Playin’ Dirty
Lloyd Dixon

1991 Fatliners 2 (video)

1991 Blue Angel (video)

1991 Blow Out (video)

1991 The Anus Family (video)

1991 America’s Most Wanted (video)
Arnie Pollock

1991 Formal Affair (video)

1990 The Godfather: Part III
Man chewing toothpick in crowd – at 1:16:34 (uncredited)

1990 Caged Fury
Head Guard ‘Pizzaface’ (as Ron Hyatt)

1990 Backing In (video)

1990 Twenty-Something (video)

1990 Anal Angels 2 (video)

1990 Vegas 1: Royal Flush

1990 Hot Scalding
Mr. Lagoone

1990 Sea of Desire (video)

1990 Oral Hyjinx (video)

1990 Money Honey

1990 The Last X-rated Movie (video)

1990 The Last X-rated Movie 2

1990 Juicebox (video)
Mr. B

1990 Tit Tales (video)

1990 Women in Need

1990 Wild Wild Chest (video)

1990 Titillation 2: The More Than Equal Sequel (video)

1990 Three Men and a Geisha (video)

1990 Tailgunners

1990 Suzanne’s Grand Affair (video)

1990 The Specialist
Ron the Allergy Sufferer

1990 Queens in Danger

1990 Plenty of Pleasure (video)
Pizza Man

1990 Opportunity Knocks (video)

1990 Night Vibes (video)

1990 Cheeks III (video) (uncredited)

1990 Lonely Is the Night

1990 The Last X-rated Movie 4

1990 The Last X-rated Movie 3

1990 Lady of the House (video)

1990 The Honeymoon: The Bride’s Running Behind

1990 Head Nurse

1990 Greek Mistress

1990 Girls, Girls, and More Girls

1990 Fun in a Bun

1990 Fatliners

1990 Tutti i frutti

1990 Dreams Cum True

1990 The Dane Harlow Story
Party Guest

1990 Con Jobs (video)
Private Valdez

1990 Cocktails

1990 As Cute as They Cum

1990 Ambushed

1990 900 Desert Strip (video)

1990 Cicciolina e Moana ‘Mondiali’

1989 Sulka’s Daughter

1989 Ubangis on Uranus

1989 Soaking Wet (video) (as Ron Jeremey)

1989 Dead Bang
Biker #3 (as Ron Jeremy Hyatt)

1989 Afro Erotica 33 (video)

1989 Honey Buns

1989 Twenty Something 2: The Art Lovers (video)
The Painter

1989 Between My Breasts 6 (video)

1989 Dirty Tricks

1989 Phantom X

1989 Party in the Rear

1989 Orgies

1989 Fat Ends (video)

1989 Invitation Only

1989 Hotel Paradise (video)

1989 Good Evening Vietnam

1989 Coming on Strong (video)

1989 California Taboo

1989 Dreamwalk (video)

1989 Backdoor to Hollywood 6

1989 Savage Fury 2
FBI Agent Masters

1989 Wild Oats (video)

1989 Two Women & a Man

1989 Suzie Superstar Part – III (video) (uncredited)

1989 Sound F/X
Man who bugs bedrooms

1989 Soaked to the Bone

1989 Sinners 3 (video)

1989 Sex on the Town

1989 Risque Business

1989 Pleasure Is My Business

1989 Words of Love

1989 Never Say Good Bi

1989 Much More Than a Mouthful 2 (video)

1989 Missy Impossible (video) (voice – uncredited)

1989 Miss Adventures (video)
Robert (as David Elliot)

1989 Lay Down and Deliver

1989 Just for the Thrill of It

1989 The Joy of Sec’s

1989 Hot Service (video)

1989 Hershe Highway 2 (video)

1989 Love on the Hershe Highway

1989 Hawaii Vice 8

1989 Hawaii Vice 4

1989 Hawaii Vice 2

1989 Getting Off on Broadway

1989 Devil in Vanity (video)
The Devil

1989 A Day That’s Hot and Heavy

1989 Dangerous (video)

1989 Caught from Behind 12

1989 Caught from Behind 11

1989 Caught from Behind 10 (video)

1989 Big Top Cabaret 2
Master of Ceremonies

1989 Bad Mama Jama and the Fat Ladies of the Evening

1989 Bad Mama Jama Busts Out

1989 Anal Attraction

1989 Lauderdale
Cycle Psycho

1989 I Dream of Christy (video)

1989 At the Pornies

1988 Forbidden Bodies (video)

1988 Pretty Peaches 2
Uncle Howard (uncredited)

1988 Little American Maid

1988 Blow Job Babes (video)

1988 Wild Women 15: Gail Force (video short)

1988 Backdoor Lust (video)

1988 Star Flix Volume 417 (video)

1988 Tropical Nights

1988 Suzy Cue (video)

1988 The South Bronx Story

1988 Sinners 2 (video)

1988 Sinners (video)

1988 Sex Starved (video)
The Kissing Bandit

1988 I Can’t Get No… Satisfaction

1988 Scooter Trash (video)

1988 The Pearl Divers

1988 Mouth to Mouth

1988 Backdoor to Hollywood 6

1988 Careena 2: Star on the Rise

1988 The Horneymooners (video)
Alf Ramden

1988 Dialing for Desires

1988 Cheek-a-boo

1988 Charlie’s Girls (video)

1988 Ball in the Family (video)
Itchy Bonkers

1988 Cab-o-lay

1988 Black Dreams

1988 Backdoor to Hollywood 4 (video)

1988 Deep Inside Ginger Lynn

1988 That Ole Black Magic

1988 Suzie Creamcheese

1988 Sophisticated Lady (video)
Rick (as David Elliott)

1988 Shaved Sinners 2 (video)
Cabin owner

1988 The Screwdriver Saloon (video)

1988 Right Tool for the Job (video)
Benjamin Louis Zekiel Beau

1988 Pumping Ethel (video)

1988 Pleasure Principle (video)

1988 The Pleasure Chest

1988 Platinum Princess

1988 Girls Girls Girls (video)
Mr. Alba (uncredited)

1988 Warm Bodies, Hot Nights (video)

1988 Magic Pool (video) (as David Elliot)

1988 Lusty Detective

1988 Lust in Bloom

1988 Little Red Riding Hood
The Wolf

1988 Just Like Sisters

1988 Hot Salsa (video)
Second Bandido (uncredited)

1988 Honeybuns 2: Grecian Formula

1988 Heather Hunter on Fire (video)
Jack Kaplan

1988 Heat of the Nite

1988 Hawaii Vice

1988 The Great Sex Contest (video)

1988 G Spot Girls

1988 Every Man’s Fancy

1988 Comimg in America (video)

1988 Party Wives
Ron Sanders

1988 Caught from Behind 8
Scum Bucket

1988 Carnal Possessions

1988 Can’t Beat the Feeling

1988 Beverly Hills Seduction (video)

1988/II Backstage

1988 All for One

1988 21 Hump Street

1988 Only the Strong Survive

1987 Striptease

1987 Boiling Desires

1987 The Big Tit Orgy (video)

1987 Wet Shots: The Best of Taija Rae Volume 2 (video)

1987 Wide World of Sex (video)

1987 Star Cuts 87: Tanya Foxx (video short)

1987 Rockin’ Erotica (video)

1987 Let Me Tell Ya ‘Bout Fat Chicks (video)

1987 Dirty Blondes 1 (video)

1987 Primal Urge (video)
First Astronaut

1987 Fancy Flesh Volume 5 (video)

1987 Walk on the Wild Side
Hank Henderson

1987 Transverse Tail

1987 Tracey’s Love Chamber (video)

1987 Tailspin (video)

1987 Sex World Girls
Prod. Asst.

1987 The Out-of-Towner

1987 Moans & Groans

1987 California Girls 13

1987 Sins of the Wealthy 2
Ted Wellington

1987 Flesh in Ecstasy 6: Elle Rio (video)

1987 Backdoor Bonanza 4 (video)

1987 Afro Erotica 8 (video)

1987 Immoral Miss Teeze (video)

1987 Good ‘n’ Plenty

1987 Girls of the Double D 2 (video)

1987 Fannie’s Fantail

1987 Dirty Blondes (video)

1987 Crystal Blue (video)

1987 Firestorm II: The Angel Blade

1987 Deep Throat II (video)
Rev. Black

1987 Young and Innocent

1987 Who’s Dat Girl

1987 Wet Workout

1987 Traci’s Big Trick

1987 Tough Girls Don’t Dance

1987 Space Vixen (video)
Ronny, sperm factory #2

1987 Sexpot (video)
Paul Redman/Lou Selznick

1987 Sex-Periences! (video)

1987 The Rising

1987 Restless Passion

1987 Princess of Darkness (video)

1987 Precious Assets

1987 The Pleasure Machine (video)

1987 Peek-a-Boo

1987 Party Animals (video)

1987 Party Doll (video)
Freddy Futz

1987 Lust of Blackula (video)

1987 Love Potion #9 (video)
Peter Plunkett

1987 Let’s Get Naked

1987 In Charm’s Way

1987 Hot Yachts

1987 Hot Service (video)
Johnny Pratt (uncredited)

1987 Hot Amber Nights (video)

1987 Holly Does Hollywood Again

1987 Gazongas

1987 Dr. Blacklove (video)

1987 Deep Inside Rachel Ashley

1987 Critical Positions
Jack Ratner

1987 The Color of Honey (video)

1987 Club Bed (video)

1987 Casing the Crack

1987 Candy Stripers 3
Otto Ricotta

1987 Blow-Off!
Senator Duncan

1987 Black Angel (video)

1987 Bare Essentials (video)

1987 American Dream Girls

1987 Black on Black (video)

1987 Valet Girls
Party Guest on Couch (uncredited)

1986 52 Pick-Up
Party Goer (as Ron Jeremy Hyatt)

1986 Stiff Competition
Don Head

1986 Taboo III
Record producer

1986 Cobra
Extra (uncredited)

1986 Naughty Girls Like It Big (as Ron Jeremey)

1986 Double Standards

1986 Terms of Endowment

1986 Electric Blue 43 (video)

1986 Electric Blue 42 (video)
Man Talking to Nurse

1986 Women in Uniform (video)

1986 White Trash (video)

1986 W-PINK II (video)

1986 Virgin Cheeks (video)

1986 Vamp (video)

1986 Teaser (video)
Armand Melnikoff

1986 The Sweetest Taboo (video)

1986 A Star Is Porn

1986 Sins of the Wealthy

1986 Return to Sex Fifth Avenue (video)

1986 Porked!

1986 Winner Takes All

1986 Little Romance

1986 The Box Lunch Club (video)

1986 Nymphette (video) (uncredited)

1986 Star Angel
Mario (also archive footage)

1986 Joanna Storm on Fire (video)
Shuttle Driver

1986 Ebony Humpers 2

1986 Harem Girls

1986 Getting L.A.’d (video)

1986 Firebox (video)
Sergei Kaminski

1986 Fast Girls (video)

1986 Fashion Dolls

1986 Farmer’s Daughters: The Movie (video)

1986 Dressed to Thrill

1986 Crazy with the Heat

1986 Chocolate Kisses (video)

1986 Cherry Tricks

1986 C Hunt

1986 Born to Run: The Careena Collins Story (video)

1986 Blonde on the Run

1986 Bimbo 2

1986 Best Little Whorehouse in Beverly Hills

1986 Backdoor to Hollywood Part 2 (video)

1986 Back Door Brides Part II: ‘The Honeymoon’ (video)

1986 Moving In!
Chuck Rollins (uncredited)

1986 Sex Aliens (video)
Doctor Sheen

1986 Gourmet Quickies 729 (video short)
Rob Kramer (uncredited)

1986 Winner Take All
Cousin Mickey

1986 The Ultimate Lover

1986 Take It Off (video)

1986 Desperately Sleazy Susan (video)
Ed Switzer

1986 Science Friction (video)

1986 Naughty Neighbors

1986 Immoral Majority (video)

1986 Hot Rocks
The Foxman (as Ron Jeremey)

1986 Hot Chocolate II

1986 Hard Ride
A guy (uncredited)

1986 Garter Charter Tours

1986 Ex-Connection

1986 Dirty Harriet (video)

1986 Creamy Cheeks (video)
Realtor (uncredited)

1986 Cream Dreams

1986 Club Ginger (video)
Sherwayne Hickey

1986 Chocolate Candy 3

1986 Cheating

1986 Channel 69

1986 California Reaming
The Genie

1986 Big Top Cabaret

1986 Beyond the Casting Couch

1986 The Devil in Miss Jones 4: The Final Outrage
Man in Diaper

1986 Bad Girls IV
Window Cleaner

1985 Black Angels

1985 Bodacious Ta’ Ta’s

1985 An Unnatural Act

1985 The Lust Bug

1985 When She Was Bad

1985 Suzie Superstar II

1985 Fleshdance

1985 Christy Canyon (video)

1985 Cotton Candy (video)

1985 Wet Sex (video)

1985 Wet, Wild & Wicked (video)

1985 Sinderotica

1985 Lust in Space

1985 Amber Aroused

1985 Tight & Tender
M. Rodger

1985 Rock Hard (video)
Teddy Turner (as Ron Jeremey)

1985 Oriental Jade

1985 The Night of the Headhunter (video)

1985 Lust American Style (video)

1985 Hot Blooded

1985 Centerfold Celebrities 5 (video)

1985 Snatchbuckler

1985 Taija: Sizzling Hot

1985 Sex Change Girls

1985 It’s Incredible
TV Show Host

1985 Hot Nights at the Blue Note Cafe

1985 Heart Throbs

1985 Girls of the Third Reich

1985 The Girls of ‘A’ Team (video)

1985 Eatin’ Alive

1985 Barely Legal

1985 Once Upon a Madonna

1985 WPINK-TV: Its Red Hot!! (video)

1985 You Make Me Wet (video)

1985 Treasure Chest (video)
Rob Kramer, Hairdresser

1985 Tip of the Tongue

1985 Super Chic

1985 Spermbusters (video)

1985 Sore Throat
Husband’s Auditioner (uncredited)

1985 Nasty (video)

1985 Naked Lust

1985 The Lusty Adventurer (video)
Ray Jeffries

1985 The Lover Girls

1985 Greek Lady

1985 The Bad Bride

1985 Freeway Honey (video)

1985 Flash Trance (video)

1985 E~3: The ‘Extra Testicle’ (video)

1985 Ginger on the Rocks (video)
Dr. Rollins

1985 Caught from Behind 4

1985 Caught from Behind 3

1985 Candy Stripers Part II

1985 Blondie

1985 Young & Restless II (video)
Guy in Black Hood

1985 Swedish Erotica 57

1985 Sex Shoot (video)
Walter Girlick

1985 Peek a Boo Gang (video)

1985 One Hot Night of Passion

1985 Hollywood Heartbreakers (video)

1985 Flesh and Fantasy
John Powell Jones

1985 Your the Boss

1985 Sweet Little Things

1985 Scandalous Simone

1985 Naughty Cheerleaders

1985 Working Girls
Husband (segment “New Kitchen”)

1985 Hard to Swallow (video)

1985 Blue Ice

1985 Lilith Unleashed

1985 Wizard of Ahh’s (video)
Man 2

1985 We Love to Tease (video)
Guy with Candy

1985 Sky Pies (video)

1985 Sex Fifth Avenue (video)
Porn Actor

1985 Holly Does Hollywood (video)

1985 Educating Mandy (video)
Cosmetics Customer

1984 Supergirls Do General Hospital
Louis Williams

1984 Erotic Interludes
Ron Jenkins

1984 Moments of Love
Dr. Prober

1984 Ghostbusters
Man Behind Barricade (uncredited)

1984 Lips
John (uncredited)

1984 Mascara

1984 Liquid A$$ets

1984 Sulka’s Wedding

1984 Temptation: The Story of a Lustful Bride

1984 Fantasy Follies II
Ron Jeremy

1984 Penetration 4 (video)

1984 Hot Tails (video)

1984 Golden Girls 18 (video)

1984 Where the Girls Are (video)

1984 The T & A Team

1984 Supergirls Do the Navy (credit only)

1984 Sex on the Set

1984 Passionate Lee

1984 The Other Side of Lianna (video)

1984 Hot Fudge

1984 Shauna Grant, Superstar

1984 Suzy’s Birthday Bang (video)

1984 Danielle Blonde Superstar

1984 For Your Thighs Only

1984 All the Way In!

1984 Yankee Seduction

1984 A Taste of Paradise

1984 Holly Rolling

1984 Sexdance Fever

1984 Forbidden Desire

1984 A Family Affair (video)
The Stepfather

1984 Raw Talent

1984 I Want It All! (video)

1984 Cherry Cheese Cake

1984 Blowing Your Mind

1984 Blonde Desire

1984 Samurai Dick

1984 A Little Bit of… Hanky Panky

1984 Heaven’s Touch

1984 First Time at Cherry High
Ambassador Giovanni

1984 Dear Fanny

1984 Aphrodesia’s Diary (uncredited)

1984 Tender Loving Care (video)
Bernie (as Ron Hyatt)

1984 The Pink Lagoon: A Sex Romp in Paradise
Native Imposter

1984 Kinky Business
Albert (uncredited)

1984 Burlexxx
Master of Ceremonies/Kosher Kock Kid/Prisoner/Restaurant Customer

1983 Satisfactions

1983 Inspirations
Dr. Xavier/Swami

1983 Coed Teasers
Dr. Burns

1983 The Mistress

1983 The Stimulators

1983 Object of Desire

1983 Golden Girls 12 (video)

1983 Swedish Erotica 48

1983 Swedish Erotica 47

1983 Slit Skirts
Ron Jeremy

1983 Sex Games

1983 Succulent

1983 Smoker

1983 Eat at the Blue Fox

1983 Daughters of Emmanuelle

1983 Fox Holes

1983 Corrupt Desires

1983 Never Sleep Alone
Flower Guy

1983 Eighth Erotic Film Festifal

1983 Working It Out

1983 Playing with Fire

1983 Sweet Young Foxes

1983 Suzie Superstar

1983 Triple Play (video)

1983 Mud Madness

1983 Malibu Summer

1983 Hitchhiker

1983 Sweet Dominance

1983 Party Girl (video short)

1983 Dreams of Pleasure

1983 Girlfriends

1983 Fantasies of Jennifer Faye

1983 Caught from Behind 2: The Sequel

1983 The Casting Couch (video)

1983 California Valley Girls

1983 Bad Girl
Big Daddy

1983 ‘A Bit’ Too Much Too Soon

1983 Sex and the Cheerleaders

1983 Naughty Girls Need Love Too

1983 Little Girls Lost…

1983 Lingerie

1983 Fantasy Follies
Presenter of dildo-land

1983 Erotic Radio WSEX

1983 Alley Cats: The Saga of the Raging Cow
Bruno Brunetti

1983 All American Girls II: In Heat
Bus Driver

1983 Bad Girls II
Deputy Sheriff Slater

1983 Oriental Techniques in Pain and Pleasure

1983 Once Upon a Secretary (video)
Hair Stylist (uncredited)

1983 Kneel Before Me
Wedding Guest/Alfred, the Henchman

1982 Wanda Whips Wall Street

1982 The Blonde Next Door
Barry Horne

1982 Marathon

1982 Expose Me Now

1982 Blue Jeans

1982 Consenting Adults
Guy with Moustache

1982 Foxtrot

1982 Taboo II
Orgy Guy with Neck Chain

1982 Golden Girls (video)
Mover/Guy in Car

1982 Twilight Pink II (The Erogenous Zone)
Norman Bates

1982 Swedish Erotica 42

1982 Golden Girls 6 (video)
Guy at Pool (uncredited)

1982/III Desire

1982 The Erotic Adventures of Lolita

1982 Toys

1982 Oh Those Nurses!

1982 Modesty Gold

1982 Mandy’s Executive Sweet (video)

1982 Women Who Seduce Men

1982 Scoundrels

1982 The Story of Prunella

1982 The Starmaker

1982 Porno Screentests

1982 Open Lips

1982 Foreplay
Greg Herpis

1982 Blonde Goddess
The Baron

1982 The Devil in Miss Jones Part II

1982 Angel in Distress
Amos Brown, Private Investigator

1981 Pandora’s Mirror
Masked Man

1981 The Pink Ladies

1981 A Day in the Life of… The Cosmopolitan Girls
Mr. Goodman

1981 Centerfold Fever

1981 Ring of Desire

1981 Aunt Peg Goes Hollywood
Mr. Jeremy

1981 Bad Girls

1981 Hard Erections
Guest #9

1981 Games Women Play

1981 C.O.D.
Male Reporter (as Ron Hyatt)

1981 Inside Seka
Bert Morris

1981 Manhattan Mistress
Mark (uncredited)

1981 Swedish Erotica 35

1981 Swedish Erotica 33

1981 Swedish Erotica 24

1981 Swedish Erotica 18

1981 Swedish Erotica 14

1981 Suze’s Centerfolds 3

1981 Minu: Acting Naturally (video)

1981 Inside Hollywood (video)

1981/II Fantasies

1981 Swedish Erotica 26

1981 Same Time Every Year
Ed the Chauffeur

1981 Cells of Passion
Crossdressing Client (uncredited)

1981 Wild Innocents
Mr. Wasserman

1981 Fast Cars Fast Women

1981 Angel Buns
Customer in Shoe Store

1981 Forgive Me, I Have Sinned
Mr. Jason Burke (as Ronald Jeremy)

1981 Debbie Does Dallas Part II
The Coach

1981 Babe

1981 Tara Tara Tara Tara
Joyce’s Friend/Party Participant

1981 Roommates

1981 The Love-In Arrangement

1981 A Girl’s Best Friend

1981 Delicious

1981 Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle
Guy with Annie and Sassy

1981 Dallas Schoolgirls
Mr. Kane

1981 Amanda by Night

1980 Dracula Exotica
Sasha (uncredited)

1980 Co-Ed Fever
Fred the Photographer

1980 Bon Appétit
Television Announcer

1980 The Budding of Brie

1980 The Girls of Godiva High

1980 Pretty Looks

1980 Luau Orgy

1980 The Affairs of Miss Roberts

1980 Half the Action
Harvey Shtickelson

1980 Ultra Flesh
Gardener (uncredited)

1980 Silky
Tom Haynes

1980 Tramp
Sex Show Man

1980 Sizzle

1980 The Seduction of Cindy

1980 Girls U.S.A.

1980 Fascination
Ernie Gordon

1980 That Lucky Stiff
Bell Boy

1979 Pink Champagne

1979 The Goodbye Girls

1979 Olympic Fever

1979 Nanci Blue
Sgt. James Blue

1979 Frat House Frolics
Delbert Wimple (uncredited)

1979 Blonde in Black Silk
Biker on Motorcycle

1979 Secrets of a Willing Wife
First Theater Guy with Susan (uncredited)

1979 Tigresses and Other Man-eaters
Their Prey

1979 Mystique

1978 Woman in Love: A Story of Madame Bovary
Eric Crandall

1977 Can I Do It ‘Till I Need Glasses?

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‘Breaking The Ice’ Dating Tip: Acquire Dogs

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Dogs are known as Man’s Best Friend for many reasons. They provide companionship, an endless lifetime of affection, and they even negate common health risks. Just spending time with Max or Bella lowers your blood pressure and reduces your stress levels.

Well, come on. It’s easy to see why.

Man's Best Friend

Note: Bella is the newly crowned most popular female dog name in the world. Screw you Twilight!

There are, of course, some more cynical benefits to being a dog owner.

One such benefit is that they make Man look desirable by association on a stroll through the park.

If you’re not meeting enough new faces, or if you don’t know how to break the ice even when you do, a four legged friend is a brilliant aid. Dogs are natural ice breakers.

Both men and women are more likely to engage in friendly conversation if there’s a cute bundle of fluff yanking at your ankles. It breaks the ice, gives an easy conversation builder, and isn’t in the least bit threatening – unless you own a Pitbull, or stumble across a dog hater.

Klooff did a survey to find which five breeds of dog make you look the most attractive to the opposite sex.

Here are the results:

Top dog breeds to attract men

5. Beagles
4. Poodles
3. Chihuahuas
2. Labrador Retrievers

And the winner…

1. Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever for dating

Top dog breeds to attract women

5. French Bulldogs
4. Siberian Huskies
3. Labrador Retrievers
2. Golden Retrievers

And the winning pooch…

1. German Shepherds

German Shepherd for dating

Fun predictable fact: Women are 10 times more likely to see a man with a golden retriever as ‘marriage material’ than a man with a pitbull. This does not surprise me.

No offence to any Pitbulls reading. It’s the type of owners they tend to attract (certainly in Urban London!) that does the repelling.

Remember people, a dog is for life. Not just for dating.

But if you need to break the ice, a dog is definitely for walking.

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The Match Spreadsheet: David Merkur’s Dating Strategy

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Online dating… It’s a serious business.

Especially if your name is David Merkur, the 28-year-old New York investment banker who hit the headlines last year for his detailed spreadsheets on’s ladies.

David Merkur

If you’ve been using Match dating for too long, you’ll appreciate that names can get muddled, profiles can get mixed, and minor details (ASL?) are easily lost to the haze of our short-term digital memory.

Merkur came up with a comprehensive tracking system to avoid any embarrassing hiccups with his dates. The only problem was that it went viral. In a major way.

Admittedly, he was dumb enough to send it to one of the women he was dating. Not a particularly smart move.

So how does a busy guy stay on top of his Match inbox?

Here’s a glimpse of the Merkur strategy, the now infamously dubbed Match Spreadsheet:

Match Spreadsheet

Match Spreadsheet

David Merkur Spreadsheet

Who would have thought that David Allen’s seminal Getting Things Done mindset could be crowbarred so effectively in to the ‘project management’ of womankind?

Impressive stuff.

Can we get a description for the correct way to ‘monitor closely’ and ‘monitor casually’ too?

We can laugh, but this guy is only doing what every online dater on is already doing in his head. The major difference being, presumably, he can remember the names and details of the women he’s been sharking.

If I were David Merkur, I would be packaging the spreadsheet template, decorating it with a fancy ebook cover, and selling it for $39.95 to readers of The Game.

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