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Once upon a time, dating websites were as simple as “You’re single. I’m single. Let’s see if we tick the right boxes?”

These days, dating websites have morphed in to a wild collection of micro-niches catering for every want and need. If you’re only interested in dating black women, that’s fine, join a black dating website. If you like them mature, there’s plenty of cougar services on the horizon. Whatever your taste, a dating service has emerged to fill that demand.

But there’s one micro-niche that I can’t help but find morally dubious, despite my belief of the old “to each his own” saying. And that would be the extra-marital affairs market. Yes, in case you haven’t noticed, there are a growing number of websites specialising in “matchmaking behind her back”. Guys and girls can register to seek out affairs, or just some hanky panky on the road.

Gleeden has received national newspaper coverage in the UK. If I had one guess, I would say that it was probably from those joyous souls at the Daily Mail. An extra-maritals dating site? Sounds like the sort of feature they’d have wet dreams about running.

With over 650,000 members – the large majority in the UK – Gleeden has certainly seized a large platform and a lot of attention to go with it. Gleeden is very popular with busy professionals who travel regularly and leave their spouses at home with the kids. Of course, it takes two to tango. Many women are registered with the intention of shagging outside their relationships. And then you have a large cluster of vixens who have no existing relationship but enjoy the thrill of stealing a man.

It’s a twisted concept, but does it matter whether we like it or not?

The fact is, there’s clearly a DEMAND for this kind of service. And if it wasn’t Gleeden cashing in, it would be another service.

I’m sure most readers will be comfortable in the knowledge their partners wouldn’t even think of joining such a scandalous website. But with 650,000 members, somebody out there is living in denial.

What do you think of services like Gleeden? Are they harmlessly catering to a demand that would prosper elsewhere if “dating for married people” sites didn’t exist? Or are they encouraging the kind of behaviour that could make a cheater out of a straight man?

Check out our full Gleeden review.

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Girls Date For Free Review

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An entire dating site based around the idea that girls should date for free. Now call me a charmless bastard, but this is exactly the kind of inequality that women have been bitching about for years!

It’s my justification for why men should be paid more in the workplace. As tempting as it may be to write in to the founders of Girls Date For Free, I can’t see “discrimination against my junk” getting too many signatures on a petition.

I can actually understand the logic behind a dating site like this. If you’ve ever wandered on to a free dating site and surveyed a few of it’s members, you’ll find a pattern that runs true:

1. Guys like to bitch that women don’t reply to their messages.
2. Women like to bitch that guys bombard them with messages.

So I guess the equation is too many messages, not enough women. Enter Girls Date For Free to the online dating fray.

Here is a site where, as you can probably guess, the guys are forced to part with a small monthly fee before they’re able to converse with the girls on the site. The biased approach succeeds in producing a higher “response rate” (Jesus, statistics are so unsexy) for the poor fucker who’s been trawling profile after profile desperate for some virtual female mcloving.

From what I can see, the site is aimed towards 20 and 30′somethings. It steers well clear of trying to be a noble matchmaking service in the vain of eHarmony or Be2. But it has a decent amount of traffic, a nice interface, and enough features to keep you interested.

Just a note of warning. I was researching some member-submitted Girls Date For Free reviews and I stumbled across this gem of a response:

Girls Date For Free Review

Well Hallelujah!

Clearly the fact that his hand was “arond it” is what makes this offense worthy of a phone call to the old bill.

Stay classy, Girls Date For Free!

Interested in bumping in to unexpected cock pics and chasing down women who already have a tendency not to pay?

Girls Date For Free could be just what you’re looking for. Sign up for a free trial peek here.

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